Friday, March 27, 2009


Your rough draft due date has changed SLIGHTLY, so pay close attention:

You can turn in your rough draft the day you return from Spring Break (Monday, April 13 for periods 1 & 3; Tuesday, April 14 for period 6). However, if you turn it in by THIS Wednesday (period 6), or Thursday (periods 1 & 3), you will get extra points added to your rough draft score. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT BEFORE BREAK, AS IT WILL BE A MONKEY ON YOUR BACK THE WHOLE WEEK! Below is a sample, as well as some helpful websites to assist you with your in-text citations. Rest assured, we will review this in class on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to start your rough draft this weekend, you can do so...and add your citations in later.

The page requirements for your papers are 4-5 for sophomores, and 3-4 for freshmen.


To see a sample of a rough draft, CLICK HERE!

Click HERE to learn how to use "in-text" citations.

Click here to see another source to cite your work... A GOOD ONE, TOO!


Anonymous said...

I am still stuck with my topic. I have lots of questions to ask on Tuesday. I plan to have it done by Thursday so that I have nothing to worry about during Spring Break. (:

Period 1

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Good job!!!! You can call me if you need to. I have class all day tomorrow, but I am available on Sunday. Just call if you want to start early.


chrisr said...

mrs rodriguez the rough draft would have to be in ur hands aby the 30th or could it be turned in on the first?

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Whatever your due date is for the rough draft, is when it is due for extra credit.

See ya,

ana15 said...

Mrs. Rodriguez I dont get the page number stuff in total with the title and reference it has to be 4-5?

Ana P.1

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...


1 pg for title
4-5 pages of writing
1 page for references
6-7 pages total