Monday, August 25, 2008


Hi, all! We are going to try to see if this blog works. To be honest, my sister turned me onto Blogspot last month, and I am not 100% if I like it. My former site is, but it is expensive to run. Check it is still there, though I am working on it. After trying this for a couple weeks, I may opt to revert to the site again, since I am more savvy at that. Time will tell.

If you could, please respond to this blog with your name, class period and a quick blurb on some things you would like to see happen in English class. Please know that "doing nothing" and "sleeping" is not an ideal response. haha! I promise you, that will never happen! I really would like to know what you want to get out of my class! Please remember that your blogs should be mature and "limpia!"

I look forward to working with you all. It is going to be a GREAT year! You all seem amazing so far! I am so lucky!



yiovani said...

what i would like to see is a little more essays's than usual to improve on my writing skills. i would also like to improve my vocabulary structure and have some fun like iv'e been doing so far

Anonymous said...

i would like to see diffrent ideas in ways i could improve my reading and writting. i would aslo like to see interesting things i dont know about yet. i look foward to learn and experiece alot of new things this school year in your class.

roxana martinez
period 2,4

C-Rod said...

Hi, Yiovanni and Roxana!

We will definitely be doing a plethora of writing assignments. Just think, you have already had two in one week (the poem and the FCAT prompt).

I am glad you both are in my class!


Anonymous said...

What I would like to see are diffrent and creative ways in which i can improve my writing and aim for a 6 in the FCAT. Many activities that won't put me to sleep but will also teach me something.

Maria Roman
Period 2

C-Rod said...


Welcome to the blog.

I will promise to find innovative and fun ways to teach writing! Some of it, though, involves a little of "just sitting there." Once you are confident in your writing, you will find that during quiet/timed assignments like today, you are smiling and tickled because of how you have progressed and that you actually enjoy coming up with details that make it a "6."

Remember this: What is written with effort is, generally, read with pleasure.


--*ginaa. said...

well i would like to see for us to do more activities and actually learn something than read from a book and fall asleep...

i would rather work the entire 2 hours than READ!!!!!

C-Rod said...

Gina, Gina, Gina....

Reading is key, even if you find it boring. I can tell you that we will never have silent reading in class for two hours. You may, however, have 20 minutes.

For reading, try to find something you enjoy. If it's romance novels that you like to read, then read them. You know what else I do to make reading more fun??? I try and choose famous actors and actresses in my mind that would be fit to play the book's characters if a movie could be made of that book. It's cool to play casting director while you read.

I hope that helps. Trust me when I tell you - the quickest way to get smart and stay smart is to read.

Hang in there. I have faith you will be a reader in no time! haha!


karinaaa(: said...

Hi Miss!! :D
Well I'm actually very dissapointed with the fact that no one seems to love reading :( I really do think that we should read this year and A LOT hahaha! I believe that it'll be a good way to expand my vocabulary. Well everyones vocabulary. I really hope we do have more scrable games because we're learning and having fun! Which is weird because normally the two don't happen together. I'm really excited to see what the year has in store. I really hope we read plenty of wonderful books, and not litle kiddie ones. I'd really enjoy reading some novels. Instead of reading out of a book from school that makes me yawn ever second. Also I would really like to improve some more on my focus, such as in prompts. I tend to get bored and drift off the subject. I hope the year turns out to be awesome and unforgetable.

P.s I think you should keep this blog.

:) Karina Guevara
Period 1

Genesis said...

Hey Mrs.Rodriguez!! Well I am very excited about your class!!I hope to see some fun writing assignments.Also I hope that you can help us expand our vocabulary and make this our last year taking the writing FCAT!!

Genesis Fernandez
Period 2&4

CoCoNutlover;) said...

Hello mrs.c-rod!!! i cant believe we hav 166 days before the fcat wow. You better work us hard to get a 6 ;).
P.S I like coconuts. sorry ;)
Katherine Quintana

CoCoNutlover;) said...

hello c-rod ;) i can't belive that we only have 166 days before the fcat wow lol.You better work us hard IN CLASS to get that 6 ;).
P.S I high lighted in class because I you know so we don't hav homework but just class woke.
P.S.S I know thats never gonna happen ;)

Rick said...

Hello Mrs.Rodriguez! I'm excited to be a part of of your English Class (Period 3). I really love reading but I know that I need to practice my writting skills and format. So I hope to be learning about the best way to write a 6 on the FCAT!!

Rick Bravo
Period 3

Mabit said...

What I would like to see in your class is alot of essasy because I really want to get a six in the FCAT, and I want to improve my vocabulary skills. Also I would like to have fun while we do the work.

Mabit Gonzalez
Period. 1

Richard p.3 said...

I want to learn something and have fun and maybe me and you can go against each other in a game of scrabble even though you know and I both know who's going to win...."ME"

ibis said...

Hi Mrs Rodriguez,

Im looking forward in coming into your class (period 3) to improve my spelling, let me tell you if it wasn't for micrsoft word i dont know what would have happen.Also i really don't want to sleep in one my favorite subject,because i tend to do that when they make me learn out of a book all period.Which i doubt that would happen this year. And also i want to score a 6 on the fcat.

Ibis Iser


Hi Mrs. Rodriguez!
In this class i would like to get enough knowledge to pass the readig FCAT, and writing FCAT. I would like to learn while I'm haveing fun like I've been doing so far. I'm looking forward to this learning experience in your class!

Jovany Ulloa

john said...

hey miss its John from 3rd per. well i enjoy the class and looking for a good year and passing the FCAT and getting a 6 on the writting.

Willy said...

Hey Miss! Well i know you must have a big class but yeah im william from your 3rd period =].

I would like to improve my vocabulary and my writing skills on how to be more creative. What i mean is trying to come out with new techniques of not boring the reader. Also i liked your explanation to day about Michael Phelps well yeah i am a fan and just join the swimming team.Well anyways i love your blog looks great.

PS: Would love to read for 2hours in your class ,hahaha

William Valido.

C-Rod said...

Hi William, Jovany, Mabit, John, Rick and Rick, Karina, Genesis, Kathy and Ibis~

Welcome to the blog! I would have liked to respond to each of you personally, but I am a student, too. Tuesday in the late afternoon, I have to be in Boca for a class. I am actually taking a class on effective teaching practices, which I hope and pray will help me to help you all. I want each of you to know that I have your best interests at heart, and I want you to be the best readers and writers you can be. I know that those two skills are incredibly important in the future of your educational career and in the workplace. I know FCAT is about a score, but it is the skills from it that I want you to take with you for a lifetime.

We will read, play Scrabble, write lots, study vocab, and explore different kinds of literature during the course of the year. From all that, you will become a connoissuer of English. Woohoo!

I see tons of potential in you all already, and I am excited to see your successes throughout the year.

I'm glad you liked the swimming/drag analogy today. I have a lot more of those. I am actually known by friends and family for my "Chrissy-isms" (those quirky, but painfully dead-on analogies). You will learn that I always try to get you all to see things from a different point of view. haha!

Smile, guys and gals! Life is good!


Anonymous said...

heyy Mrs.Rodriguez,
i love the blog spot.
its very creative. [:

and what i would like to see
in this class would be reading interesting books
like breaking dawn and etc.

well, thats about it.

bye. [:

-jissel ramos.
-period 3.

C-Rod said...

Thanks, Jissel!

If you have a copy of that book, bring it in, I will take a looksie!

Smile and welcome to the blog!

Lau-rah-_- said...

hi :)
i would like to see more activities that are fun but at the same time that can help me with the fcat, anyways i like your class and i look foward to what we are going to learn and do, by the way i would really like to go on the saturday thing that you said :)

-Laura Guerrero
-Period 2

The Richins said...

I Love all of the input you are are getting from your students. You have some great kids!
You're blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

Greetings, i would love to spend time practings on my writing and grammar. Even though, i got a 5.5 on my writing my goal is to get 6.0 on my writing. I hope to have a great year with you.
Thank You,
Period #3

stacey said...

Hey Mrs.Rodriguez, im glad to be in your class , i would like to improve my vocabulary skills and also my writting because i think im weak in vocabulary, so far your class has been great and i been learning already new things , thanks=)

Stacey Delgado

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs.Rodriguez, i would like to say thanks. Thanks because you put forth your maximum effort to help us. :) And what i would love to learn in your class is how to read faster, understand more. And help on main idea topics, and my writing. There is more, but i am sure your experties will help me find my weaknesses :D
:Thanks, and its a joy to come to your class every other day :]

Gissele Rodriguez

P.S. i didnt not make that ridiculous Aim name. My friend did. :]

C-Rod said...

Hello to Gissele, Stacey, Laura, and Jennifer!

I am so blessed to have you young ladies in my class. I am glad to hear you are eager to learn more, write better and read at a higher level. With a lot of hard work, we will all get there together! I promise to give you the best of me each day so you succeed. YOU are why I do this job.

Be on the look out for Saturday FCAT Writing Camp. It will be in January for a couple of weeks. If there is enough interest, I may have it a couple Saturdays in the fall.

Thanks, girls, for making my job AWESOME!


C-Rod said...

The Richins Krew ~

Thanks for the help with the blog! You are the best sister ever!

Smile, love you!

Meryl. Period 3! said...

i like the class and this blogging stuff. to tell you the truth i like to read, last year i read well over 25 books. so you see. i do like to write though but NOT essays. but since practice makes perfect we might as well write a whole bunch of essays and get the fcat over with. i'm just hoping for a fun and great year. :D

Meryl Infante.
Period 3!

luis said...

I would like to improve my timing when writing Essays in Ms.Rodriguez beacuse i just take to long to come up whit good ideas and also my vocabulary that need a little work besides that,i really like MS.Rodriguez class because shes funny.

C-Rod said...

Meryl ~ Wow! Twenty-five books! That is awesome! Meryl, you are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Luis ~ So you think I am funny? In May, you will find me lame, so enjoy the jokes while you can! Part of the job of teaching is to be a comedian, and luckily, I come from a line of them! My mom and dad are both nuts! haha!

Meryl and Luis, be sure to smile!


C-Rod said...


I forgot to respond to your Scrabble threat.

Bring it on, sister!


evelincoredo said...

Hey Mrs.Rodriguez this is Maite Echevarria from your first period, I really like the blog and your class as well, I am excited to see what the year in your class has to hold I hope I learn new things and improve the ones I already know.

priscilla said...

Priscilla p.3

I am looking forward to extending my vocabulary this year. Obviously i want to pass the FCAT so i have a lot to learn on my ready and writing skills.

ERNESTO said...

I would like to enhance my reading skills and learn to enjoy essays. That's pretty much it.

Percy. Period 3 said...

What i would like to to improve is my essay writing, and overall my wirting skills. I look forward to learn in your class.

Anonymous said...

i want to learn new techniques, but in a fun way, so i can be able to remember them alot better. and to learn better words, which can boost up our score.

Anonymous said...

i want to learn new techniques, but in a fun way, so i can be able to remember them alot better. and to learn better words, which can boost up our score.

j. mendez, p.1

C-Rod said...

Percy, Ernesto, Jessica, Priscilla, and Maite~

Que vola tiburones? How do you like my gringa Spanish? I should spare you all and stick to English!

I look forward to this year and helping you to reach your potential in reading and writing. No worries about the will be doing lots. Just remember to review your roots every couple days. You have no idea how that will help you now and in the future.


Giggles said...

Hey Mrs. Rodriguez!

Well, so far what we have done in your class has been pretty cool! I really like the idea that we are going to be writing essays at least once a month because I really want to improve my writing. I also like that we will be reading in class, once i start reading a book I can't get out of it! Also, I'm looking forward to learning how to play scrabble because I have never known how to play it. I am really looking forward to being in your class because I KNOW I will enjoy it!

Lots of Love,
Jessica Perez =)
Period 3

[Dyanne] said...

Your class seems really good already and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year.
I do actually enjoy reading and I really want to be able to write and say words that no one would really be familiar with.
My goal is to finally get a 6 for once in writing!

Oh and the blog is awesome :)

Dyanne Zamora
Period 1

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Rodriguez
You are one fun teacher, so far i love your class and your way of teaching. I learn easier when things are made fun!

Yoa Garcia
Per. 3

C-Rod said...

Hi, Jessica!

Thanks for the compliments. I always want you to have the same zeal for our class and its content as you do right now. It is my job to spark that fire in you and to keep it going (a huge brush fire is what I am for). haha!

Well, I look forward to our Scrabble Fridays. The next two Fridays are even days on our block, so if we don't play the day after tomorrow, we will play next week.

Have a good night...go to bed early! haha!

C-Rod said...

Jessica - I made a boo-boo. I meant to type I AIM for brush fires. I had typed AM. Deet-dee-dee! haha!

Anonymous said...

Ms.c-rod rocks my socks. I think we should read for 30 minutes instead. I get into my reaading and hate it when i have to leave the good part -___- anyways i have to admit i am a little nervous about the writing FCAT.

Jeanette Mendoza

C-Rod said...

Yoa, Jeanette, and Dyanna~

Welcome to the blog! I am glad you like it. My sister, the blog genius, helped me a lot. By tomorrow, with any luck, she will put music on here. haha!

Anyway, I am glad to hear you like to read. That's great. I also want you to know that you do not need to fear the FCAT Writes. You are superstars and will do well. Remember, results are in direct proportion to your effort. I PROMISE if you try hard, you WILL succeed!

Sleep well. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

yeah so i love your class
its fun and i actually learn

-Ivana p.3

C-Rod said...

Ivana - I am glad you are enjoying class! I hope to have that effect on you each day until June!

Sleep tight and dream with the angels,

Diana said...

What i would like to exect to see in this class is alot of writing. i also expect lots of grammer and punctuation exercises and homework, but i would also like to play lots os scrable

C-Rod said...

HEY, DAVID & HEATHER ~ Where are your posts????? haha! No pressure!


javii 18 said...

I would like to do activities that will improve our writing skills. I need a 6 on my writing exam.

C-Rod said...

Diana ~ Which period are you in? I have a couple of you. :o)

We will be doing it all in class - grammar, writing, reading, research, Scrabble, the work! Oh, I forgot LAUGHING! We will do that, too!


C-Rod said...


Which period are you in? Is this Javier?

Once I know who you are, I can give you your points for checking in!

See you later, gladiator! I KNOW IT'S CORNY - I'm sorry! haha!

michy (: said...

michelle gomez
period 3

i like this page !
dont waste your money on the other one .

i liked this homework assignment using all these words made my brain think .

C-Rod said...


I will save the money! Do you charge 10% for financial advice? haha! YOU SHOULD! haha!

See you tomorrow. Get some rest! We have a BIG day tomorrow!

Michael. said...

I actually enjoyed reading the blog. It really does show that you have a real passion for teaching and are willing to help any one who needs help. One thing i really liked was that you write down the homeworks and on top of that give us examples. I think it would be a good idea to have a class book and read it together. I dont think its a good idea having the kids read it by themselfs, you first have to show how interesting reading can acually be. So i think instead of doing independent reading we should do class reading the first half of class. It looks like this will be one of my all time favorite classes, the kind i brag about to all my friends and family.

P.S scrabble was actually pretty fun

Michael Lezcano

♠Naomi♠ said...

Hey Mrs. I know I'm going to learn alot this year and I'm going to do awesome in my fcat writing and by the end of the year my writing skills and vocabulary structure is going to be excellent to...Oh and about the blog I like it alot.

david said...

what id like to get out of this class is learning things in a fun way. you seem to do that so im good. oh and i had a crazy dream last night.


C-Rod said...

Naomi ~ What period are you in? I have more than one Naomi. Welcome to the blog! SMILE!

David ~ Your psychology teacher can help you with your dream. haha! I am glad you are in my class...and I am sure we will exchange some funny stories as the year progresses.

Michael ~ I am glad you are enjoying class! Flattery will get you everywhere! haha! Seriously, you are quite an eloquent writer, by the way. Could you be one of my six writers? Could you be one of the kids I take out for C-Rod's FCAT Celebration dinner in May? I believe you may be! Keep up the good work!

ara ^_^ said...

hi mrs!!
i would like to see more ways of improving on my writing skills, i dont think im that good at it. i also want to learn new vocabulary and have fun in class.

Arantxa Lopez
period 3

C-Rod said...


Remember one of my class rules is to be positive. YOU CAN AND WILL DO WELL! It may take a little work (or a lot of work), but NOTHING is insurmountable! Oooh, good word!

I am glad you are in my class - you are a sweetie!


!Heather (: said...

Hey Mrs.Rodriguez (8

This is so cool.
Anyway, I want to improve my writing because since I can't write in Spanish, might as well be able to write perfectly in English. (;

(Don't let my spanish teacher see this. ;D)

I look forward to this year because this is the first year I have a had a good English teacher in a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time. :D

Do I get extra credit for that? (;

!Heather (: said...

Hey Mrs.Rodriguez. (8

This is so cool.
Anyway, I want to improve my writing because since I can't write in Spanish, might as well be able to write in English. (;

(Don't let my Spanish teacher see this. ;D)

I am looking forward to this year because I haven't had a good English teacher in a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time. :D

Do I get extra credit for that? (;

By the way, I sent this comment before I'm just not sure if it sent because it asked me to confirm my account with google.
Haha :P

ramon2332 said...

well...what i would like to see this year is probably fun activities not all that boring stuff just hoping that you make learning fun for us in your own way.

C-Rod said...

Heather and Ramon ~

Glad you are on the blog. Welcome. I hope you find this blog helpful in communicating with me and the rest if the class. I am also glad to hear yo u are enjoying class already :o) I will do my best to make it a fun and worthwhile learning experience. You both will do well, I am sure!


C-Rod said...

Hello! Just wanted to say hi!

C-Rod said...

Still helping kids learn the blog...Ignore my comment here :o)

ANTHONYAVilaper1 said...

Mrs.c rod did i use enough context clues?

also will we be writing stories. like with are own characters and ideas?

Vilmaris said...

Hey miss! I think the blog is a wonderful idea and of course were goin to have a great year. I would like if we did activities and essays more often because with activities i learn and understand things better and essays because i would like to improve my hand writing. Luv you! Vivi.

Vilmaris*per3* said...

sory forgot to add the period..

eli said...

this is Elizabeth Bello what I will like to learn in this this class is well to improve my spelling and I will like to learn even more what the FCAT people whant to read so I could get a 6 one last thing that I would really like is to do FUN activities every now and then.
see you Tuesday :)

angel said...

hi mrs. rodriguez just wanted to let you know thanks for helping me out at school and love the way you teach ok so keep it up...

angel pd.1

Liset said...

i love this class =D

julioo15 said...

I dont believe that doing "nothing" is not an ideal response Mrs.Rodriguez ! haha kidding ! Well honesty, I happen to agree with everyone else pretty much. Obviously all of us want the class to be much more exciting but yet educational. It actually get's us kids feeling good, and when we feel good, we do good, and when we do good, we achieve things, we ahieve things, were proud of ourselves, when were proud of ourselves, we become a better person, and when we become a better person.. WE THANK MRS.RODRIGUEZ! haha see you in class

-Julio V

P. 2 & 4

Super Cuban said...

Mrs Rodriguez I really enjoy reading the story about the butter fly effect

Adrian Correa

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Rodriguez,

Well so far I really enjoy the class.I was kind of scared when they changed my schedule, but I'm glad to have ended up in your class(:. I hope to keep doing fun activities that will make us learn more and improve our writing and vocabulary. I really look forward to doing many more exciting essays, I hope to not get any boring ones like the Fcat. See you on Monday. (:

Esther Acosta
Period 1

Yeimar said...

Hey Miss
I would like to see different types of activities and techniques that will enhance my writing skills, and I hope to see a higher test score in my writing and reading FCAT.

Yeimar Soto
Period 3

C-Rod said...


Hi, guys and gals! Thanks for the feedback and the thank yous! It is a privilege and an honor to teach you all...and it is a pleasure. You all are AWESOME KIDS! I am going to do my best to meet all of your needs and requests!!!! It will be a fun year, full of different activities, but it will always require you to think and put forth the best that you've got!

Smile! I will see many of you tomorrow morning!!!! Sleep tight and dream with the angels.


PS. The Redskins game is on, which means I will see Jason Taylor! Woohoo! haha!

C-Rod said...

Hi, Yeimar...

I had just missed you. I wanted to say don't worry - you will do well. Remember our action/reaction discussion today. If your actions are to work hard, read frequently, attend class and work hard (I wrote that twice for a reason), the reaction of those actions will be SUCCESS.


Meryl. Period 3! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carolina said...

you're a really cool teacher and i know that i'll learn a lot in your class. i would really like to perfect my 5 paragraph essays. what i would like to see in the near future is a lot of fun activities that would make english class fun. :)

Carolina Bonnet
Period 3

3054life said...

i would like to see less essay hope we have a fun year in your class,Brian Cardenas

angel said...

hey mrs. don't forget to let your dad come to class and talk about his career if that is ok with him and you of corse :)

ANDRES P#3 said...

Hello!!! Wow i usually find english to be boring, BUT so far this class has been pretty fun. Yes, i know, you may be a little wierd and crazy BUT you'rre a good teacher. See you on tuesday since i know you cant wait to see me. :)

jessi said...

i would like to read interesting stories together as a class, just like the sound of thunder. I also like a class with group discussions.

ruben116 said...

ruben, vega

well i think your doing a great job so far, and i guess what would be coolin the future is like a debate of somekind because that really gets the mind focused on something.

period 3. team red!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.Rodriguez,

It's sylvia delgado :D

I would definitively have to agree about the debates and more writing assignments to prep for the FCAT.I would also love to do more creative writing assignments like maybe having to do postcards or some sort and confess secrets anonymously.

But your doing a amazing job so far! :D your definitively a change of pace as teaching goes.I really feel Im going to learn alot for your class.


period 3.

Aly said...

hey Mrs. rodriguez, i love the class. Im going to enjoy your class a whole bunch. I'm going to learn lots of new thing in your class, because the way you teach is great.

angel said...

highly recommend the Twilight series and The last apprentice series too. oh mrs lets keep the year fun thanks your so cool :)

angel said...

mrs what periods do we have on tuesday because i can't remember which ones are they?

MarvinFernandez said...

i would like you to put some music in or learning also alot of group work.
your class makes school fun and i look forward to learn alot of fun and new things.

Marvin Fernandez
Period 1

ana15 said...

hey its ana from 1st period just leaving a comment i look forward to the class this year.

C-Rod said...

Wow...this comment is for quite a few of you!

Ana, Marvin, Aly, Sylvia, Ruben, Jessi, Andres, Angel, Brian and Carolina~

Thanks for all of your input on our class blog! I am glad you all are looking forward to this year. I promise, what we all put into it, is what we will get out of it.

I also want to thank you for your ideas and feedback. AWESOME!

By the way, Angel, Tuesday is an ODD day - periods 1, 3, and 5!

Smile oodles and be safe this weekend. Make good choices!


angel said...

thanks mrs just wanted to be sure.

Anonymous said...

hey crod its derek from second. lookin foward to a great year :D

C-Rod said...

Derek! Yay!!!!! You made it on our blog. I knew you would figure it out. You are a smart kid!

I really look forward to this year. There are a myriad of great experiences out there for you.

It's great to have you in class!

See you on Wednesday at 7:25 a.m. haha!


Jame said...

hi miss i really like your page and im happy to be in your class ang getting to do different assignments ang getting to play scrabble :)


Anonymous said...

the article of the scientific experiment gone wrong is in spanish i dont know how to translate it in word but can i just print it out in spanish??

C-Rod said...

Hi gals! Glad to see your posts.

Escuchame, por favor. Me gusta espanol mucho pero necesito sus articulos del periodico or revistas en ingles. Es muy importante que yo entender su tarea. Este vez es OK, pero en la futura, you quiero su tarea en ingles. Entiendes?

Remember that is my GRINGA Spanish. I tried.

Smile LOTS,

Anonymous said...

whoa!! c-rod that was good.. but the thing is i cant find it in english its a very interesting topic.. you will know why if i present. i do not want to spoil it for the others here :) but yea it has to do with a spanish country so i tried to google it but it only came out in spanish -__-

Anonymous said...

nevermind i just retyped everything ughh lol

C-Rod said...

Cool beans! I am excited to hear about it. I am sure it is BRILLIANT!


Vilmaris*per3* said...

miss ive been looking for an article since yesterday and i dont find not even one.=(

Vilmaris*per3* said...

never mind ill just keep looking...ill find one soon =)

Anonymous said...

sorry a lil late :/ i forgot
my printer isn't working heres the link

Chris said...

Vilmaris ~

Remember, Google things that are scientific experiments or advances. Cloning, stem cell research, oil drilling, emissions, the ozone layer, testing on animals, sleeping medications, in-vitro fertilization, etc.

You will find one...keep looking.

Anonymous said...

hey.. its Rachel
i want to get the twilight book but in hard cover.. can u get it for me or do i get it?
btw i love yout class
: )

Vilmaris*per3* said...

hey miss umm i was hoping since its 2 weeks left for the fcat if you could make us work more often than usually.

Vilmaris*per3* said...

hey miss this is chapter 9 & 10 extra credit.

HYPERBOLE - "When we had watered all the hives of tiburon and sprinkled enough sugar to cause a human being to gain fifty pounds, we drove home hot, hungry, and nearly drowned in our own sweat."

page 167 chapter 9 Last paragrapgh.

♥Vivi♥ said...

Period 1 Vilmaris
Sorry forgot to put the period