Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish my sweeties a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Let's start an Attitude of Gratitude chain right here on our blog. Click on "comments" below and state three things for which you are thankful (be different)! I already know you are grateful for your parents and family, your friends, and your AMAZING teachers (try not to laugh), but I want some original things. I will go first so you can see what I mean (mine may be longer since I talk a lot)! Be sure to read the various comments that are posted, and you will see that we have so MUCH to be thankful for, even the small things we take for granted!

I hope your day and weekend is filled with all the love and happiness your heart can handle, and all the food your tummies can take! Remember, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! haha!

LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for being the great kids you are! I am blessed!


C-Rod said...

I am thankful for toilet paper (what would this world be without it?), sneakers (man, I love those things), and books (they are the greatest escape from reality).

OK, three is not enough for me, but I will add comments as I read yours.

Here's another one - cup holders in cars (that really helps!)

john said...

I'm thankful for computers (I can't live with out one), air conditioning (just amazing),and alarm clocks (would never get to school or anywhere early) well those are it.


Anonymous said...

I am thankful for music, especially for my favorite band Metallica, because if I couldn't listen to them, my life would be very miserable. Like Mrs. C-Rod, I am forever thankful for books (I love Anne Rice and Thomas Harris) because of the sweet break that they give me from my life. And, above all, I am thankful for roller coasters due to the exhilaration and adrenaline they offer :D

Period 1

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Mabit said...

I'm thankful for nail polish, because no girl would be complete without it. I am also thankful for televisions.{What would we ever do without it}. And last for i-pods. There is nothing better than to listen to your i-pod when you are bored.
Happy Thanksgiving!

angel said...

I am thankful for the outdoors because without it what would the world be. Another one is the sun because without it how awsome would day be if the only thing we get is night.Last of all girls and women because with out them the world means nothing.

Viera, Angel
period 1

and thank you for everything mrs.

C-Rod said...

Good job, guys! Those are all good ones! See how blessed we are to have all these things!

How about puppy's breath? I love that! How about the colors in the flowers? AMAZING! I also am thankful for snoring (I can hear my hubby all the way from the family room, which is a blessing because that means God brought him home safely to me another day).

OK, Happy Thanksgiving, Turkeys! haha! KEEP GOING!

P.S. Thanks for my letters! I loved them!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for nature, because without it the world would be dull and color-less and just not exciting. I am thankful for the air that I breathe because if not ofcourse, I wouldnt be alive. Finally, I am very thankful for laughter. It what keeps the world going round and well if there was no laughter, there was no happiness, and if there was no happiness, well there would be no us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all (:

P.s. Just wanted to let you know C-Rod, that I am extremely grateful that you were put into my life. Thank you for your daily motivation and inspiration. Thank you for your speeches, they have made me a more positive person. And for making us laugh all the time.
God Bless
Have fun(:

Esther Period 1

Anonymous said...

Iam thankful for blankets (we would be cold every night) and I'am thankful for socks (working hard to keep my feet warm everyday)


Happy Thanksgiving
and thankyou for everything
God Bless

C-Rod said...

Thanks, girls! I am blessed to know you all too! I loved your gratitude items! GREAT JOB!

Remember, Scarlett and Esther, you girls are amazing!


karinaaa(: said...

wow i can make a list of the things I'm thankful for.
Im thankful for having teeth so i can smile all the time. I'm thankful for my cell phone bc i would be utterly bored without it. And Im thankful for perfume/cologne besides it being sooooo good to smell think of all the nasty yucky ppl that dont shower.. yuck. they need some sort of good hygiene lol.

karina p.1

p.s I am truly thankful for the wonderful teachers ive had this year. Especially you c-rod. my sophmore year wouldnt be as happy and as complete if God didn't put you in my path. You teach me new things everyday. I really hope that in years to come you're still in my life. (i want you to be in the crowd in my wedding! hahaa)
You are such a powerful human being mrs. sometimes you dont realize that you change lifes. But you have changed mine. And you have changed it for the better. I will forever be thankful.

happy thanksgiving to you and your family !

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for perfume, without it i wouldnt be able to stand next to eachother. :D I am thankful for shampoo cause i cannot imagine filthy hair all the time. I am also thankful for all the great friends I have. without them I wouldnt be who I am today. Theres a whole bunch but I can say right now but it would take forever.

last one- I am thankful for all the talented artists out there for all the great music.

thankyou c-rod

jeanette p-1

C-Rod said...

Katina and Jeanette! Good ones! Yes, perfume is definitely a commodity!

Thanks for your kind words, Karina! I love you!

More things to be grateful for - Christmas trees (they smell so beautiful), irons (curling, straightening and for clothing~haha), and pets (I LOVE my dog to no end!).

Keep the chain alive!


C-Rod said...

Sorry, Karina. I do not type well. The r and the t keys are next to each other :o)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

lol OMGAHHH! i forgot to be thankful for Robert Pattinson :)

Jeanette p-1

Johnathan said...

I am thankful for sports(life wouldnt be as entertaining without them), Technology(We wouldnt be where we are right now without it), and music(the world would be too quiet without it).
Johnathan Pd.1

natalie =D said...

I am thankful for iPod's because it's the only thing that entertain's me when I'm inside a car. I am thankful for having many great friends. With out them, I have no one to talk or hang out with. The other great thing I am thankful for is food because I like to eat a lot.

Period 4

ANDRES P#3 said...

I'm grateful for the European explorers who discovered America in the first place. Who knows where we would be if they hadn't discovered America. Happy Thanksgiving!!! GOBBLE GOBBLE

C-Rod said...

Natalie, Johnathan, Jeanette and Andres - Loved your input. I have another one - bathtubs (showering outside has got to suck), DVR's and/or Tivo (the guy who developed that is a genius), and church (getting ready to go to mass).


maya said...

I am thankful for tooth paste; I wouldn’t be able to have a close conversation with some one if it wasn’t for it. I’m also thankful for corn dogs; I think there is nothing more delicious than corn dogs. And most of all I am totally thankful for having an English teacher as fun as Mrs. Rodriguez. Love you C-Rod, thanks for teaching the way you do, and thanks for never give up on us.

Happy Holydays!!!

Period # 1

Anonymous said...

i was thinking about it,
and you what I'm really thankful for?I am thankful for everything in my life that i use to help me write.

I am thankful for all the movies I've seen,they let me imagine and create.I am thankful for the hard times in life which have inspired me to write and not stop till I'm fully satisfied.I'm so thankful that i can write and write and write and never stop-well there comes a point where my hand gives out and i have to put a stop to my train of thought-but no matter what I still have the talent and the love for writing.I am thankful for the music i am able to listen to while i write.It helps with my whole therapeutic process.I am thankful for having something in my life that no human being can come and take away from me.I have something that people sometimes search their whole lives for,a love,an outlet,a way to escape and express my feelings to the whole world,a way to inspire,a way to trigger someones thoughts, and a way to make people happy especially myself.

Happy Thanksgiving C-Rod
and it sounds super corny but i am so thankful to have you as my teacher.You make me believe that i can always do better and that I'm capable of going beyond even my own expectations.


Anonymous said...


kristy v
perid 3

ruben116 said...

I am thankful for music because when ever I am angry,sad or even happy its the perfect way to just escape from the reality of life and it really helps inspire me in everything i do. I am also thankful for my friends who I couldn't survive without, they know exactly how to make me smile and they never try to bring me down.Lastly I am thankful for having a wonderful English teacher who always seems to brighten up my day with her cheeriness and great sense of humor and her beauty that is unmatched. ;D

Ruben-period 3

Happy Leaf erickson day =D

ruben116 said...
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adrianperiod1 said...

I am thankful for erasers because without them I wouldn't be able to erase my mistakes.

Period 1

Yeimar said...
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Yeimar said...

I am thankful for music (that's my passion). Toothbrush (Brushing your teeths with your fingers sucks). And I'm thankful for soap.

Yeimar Soto

anthony from p.1 said...

I am thankful for George Lucas. Without him Star Wars would have never been created and my life would have no meaning.I am thankful for martial arts because without it there would be no kick butt kung fu movies.Last i am thankful for the paparazzi because without them we would have never found out that the actor who played Bella in twilight was found smoking weed on her front porch. I also have to be thankful for Dragon Ball Z because it has the best catchphrase ever. "Oh my god whats Vegetas power level" screamed Goku. "ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!"

luis said...

I am thankful for cotton,(thas comfortable),also soda cans that helps us enjoy our favorite drinks,and finally I am thankful for light bulbs that shows us the way at night .
Luis P#3

Anonymous said...

i am thankful for skateboards.
i am thankful for Tyrone. yeah.
i am thankful for music. hmm.
i am thankful for art :)
i am also thankful for you miss.
ily :)

Per 1

Aileen said...

I am a very grateful person. You can just imagine the appreciation radiating from me thousands of miles away from just receiving a spec of dust. Though, I'd have to say that my main thanks would have to go to: the ability of seeing, the ability to visualize anything that comes to mind, and the ability of creating art. With out these, I would have no batteries to give me support for roaming on this Earth.

Sorry for the delay, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. :}
Per. 1

Fanny said...

I am thankful for hair straigteners because my hair would definitely be in a jumble lol. I am also grateful that we have pencils and pens so that we can express our emotions in any way we can. And I'm thankful for airplanes as well. We wouldn't be able to appreciate the glorious, mystical, and puzzling world if it weren't for those phenomenal contraptions.


C-Rod said...

Ruben ~ You know how to charm the ladies, don't you!

Unmatched beauty? Man, you are a poet! I am glad I can make you laugh. My goal EACH DAY is for you all to leave my class happier (and more knowledgeable) than when you first entered. What an amazing job I have! I am so blessed! You kids, of course, are the reason I wake up each morning ready to face my day and drive to work feeling HAPPY!

Smile oodles!

C-Rod said...

Luis, Aileen, Fanny, Yeimar, Andres Natalie, Johnathan, Anthony, Mayara, Kristy, and Adrian ~

What great ideas you posted! WE ARE REALLY BLESSED. You all thought of things I took for granted!!!!!

I loved your comments about English class. MY CUP RUNNETH OVER. If you don't know that metaphor, I will explain it to you in class - just remind me.


Love you,

Anonymous said...

hey c-rod!
listen, the only reason why i didnt go to school today is because i had a MASSIVE fever!
i had like these spasms where shivered at night, and i had
an omega headache. so there was noooo way i was gonna go to school.
I even did the homrk. yes i know, surprising heh. Well yeah, just thought i'd let you know. byee (:

-Julio Velasquez

im thankful for EVERYTHING! But i mean EEEEEVERYTHING! Including you Mrs. Rodriguez (:

zomg said...



kristy valdes pd.3

Meryl. Period 3! said...


I feel so left out in this blog!

I'm so sorryyyy I don't leave any comments. I have no INTERNET. Yet I wonder why I'm still alive. haha
(My mom's to blame!)

I was wondering if I could make up that crossword puzzle homework whenever I get the thumbs up. (I really didnt have any access to a computer that time.)My grades are slipping with Christmas coming up! :(

Tomorrow I will most likely have a computer WITH internet so I will constantly be checking the blog.

please write back!


p.s. I missed you on Thursday. Gosh, class was boring. :D

C-Rod said...

Hi, guys! Well, it has been a couple days since I have responded, and I am sorry. Time got away from me this weekend. With studying for finals, writing papers, grading papers, my mom and stepdad being in town, being with our friend whose dad passed away, and going to my bday party, life has been CRAZY!!!!! Though it is nuts right now, life is still good.

Kristy, thanks for the HW; Julio, I missed ya; and Meryl, I misse you too. I am glad you now have a computer.

Bye, cutie pies!

nikkiMARIE said...

I am grateful for makeup. What would this world look like without it.

I am grateful for deodorant. It is a much nicer smelling place with it.

I am also grateful for computers and the internet. How else would I be telling so many people what I am grateful for.