Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Don't Forget!

Remember, you need to do an introductory paragraph (periods 1 & 3) for the prompt listed below:

  • You have won a trip to anywhere, and it's all-expenses paid.
  • Think about the place you would like to visit.
  • Now write to explain where you would like to visit and why you would like to visit this place.

All you have to do is the intro. Be sure your HOOK is luring and attention grabbing! Be mindful of your audience (i.e., the reader) and that she will likely read 130 of the same introductions. Yours should be unique. Avoid the mundane, like the following: "I recently won a trip to anywhere, and I chose Italy." BORING! A real snoozer! ZZZZZZ!

Have fun with it; use anecdotes, dialogue, literary tools, quotes, etc. For an expository essay, you can have a bit more fun than the critical essays you have written for Twilight, the midterm, etc. These are more like vocabulary stories! Reflect on the model I wrote in class. Enjoy the process. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!


Anonymous said...

I had fun in class today. And yay I did my introduction already, sounds pretty good(: But it was hard. Hope you get more sleep today(: Lol.

Period 1

C-Rod said...

I am trying to live my best life in 2009, so sleep is definitely one thing I need to give myself more of. I am glad you enjoyed class today. I feel lately that I have gotten in a teaching slump. Midterms and returning from break do that to you. I am in all kinds of funks - My LAME sense of fashion, my nasty hair, my lackluster teaching, my mediocre mothering, my chunky butt, my lukewarm approach to spirituality, my lack of organization. I feel like BLAH through and through. I do know that I have to do something to better myself. Now that I have had a pity party, I am going to read the attitude of gratitude posts. That always makes me feel better...and makes me laugh! haha!

Love ya! I am glad you did your intro. I AM SURE IT IS GREAT! So very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Aww C-rod cheer up! Yes this year you should treat yourself a little better. You need to rest a little more and yea helping is great but sometimes you need time to yourself. You DO NOT have a lame sense of fashion. You look very good and professional all the time. Like we talked about in class, all you need is to add more color and your good(:. And about your hair, I love your hair! Lol. You are an awesome teacher and great mom and there is nothing wrong with a chunky butt ( im hispanic so I should know "/ ). Just cheer up and keep a positive attitude like you always do(: You'll be fine!


p 1

C-Rod said...

Thanks :o)