Friday, January 16, 2009

C-Rod's Reading Zone


If anyone wants to comment on Lovely Bones, here is the spot. For those of you who have read it, feel free to share your thoughts! If you are just now reading it, let us know what you think as you read. For anyone who reads extra novels this quarter, you will receive extra credit (50 pts). You will need to see me for the details to earn your points.

If you have any other books to recommend for our Reading Zone, please include them here. Of course, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are on our list, as well as The Host. You can comment on them here as well!


Anonymous said...

iv read all the books: eclipse, breaking dawn and the host.they are all amazing!! im pretty sure anyone who reads those books will love them.whoever reads the host make sure to be open minded :)

jeanette P-1

Aileen said...

I read that book 2 years ago. It was depressing. On top of that, I lost the book so I was never able to finish reading it. .__.

Period: 1

C-Rod said...

Aileen, if Marienela will let me lend it to you, I will. It was sad, but it was so hopeful at the end. The power of love, friendship, sisterhood and brotherhood PREVAILED! Maybe I said too much, but you need to finish it.

Thanks, Jeanette, for your comments. Why should we be open-minded about The Host?

C-Rod said...

I am currently reading "Eat, Love, Pray." What an amazing book, though I feel it is for a more mature audience. Hubby is reading "The Shack," which is next on my list, along with Eclipse. For you all, however, I recommend "The Wedding." For the guys, I recommend any of Lupica's books.


Anonymous said...

ahh i read the wedding !! it was famay-zinngg! :)

and u should be open minded because the book gets kinda confusing. very sifi
*expect the unexpected. ;)

C-Rod said...


I am glad you loved The Wedding. Would you be interested in making an advertisement for it, so I could put on the Reading Zone board in the class. Let me know, and I will give you the details!

Aileen said...

I found the book. 8D
But I guess I'll read the book after the Secret Life of Bees. Thank you about the whole lending it to me, I appreciate it. :}

Take care and Goo' Night
P: 1

C-Rod said...

Any time, Aileen!

Carolina said...

Ms. I've read eclipse and breaking dawn...but this is the first time I hear about "The host" and "Lovely bones"....boy they sound creepy...but i wanna read The host cuz it sounds pretty good...but like Jeanette said you gotta be "open minded" and IDK about that!!!!

C-Rod said...

I feel the same way you do. I would read Lovely Bones first.


Regina said...

Regina Fleming
Period 6

The coldest winter ever is a teenage book. It’s an intense book as so many different things happened in a matter of seconds. It’s about a girl Winter that is born in Brooklyn to a prominent drug dealer. Her life seems to be going so good as they drive the best cars in the neighborhood and are the richest in the neighborhood until her whole life goes into a sudden twist when her dad gets busted for selling drugs. Winter is then left with making difficult decisions. Whoever decides to read this book will be hooked, I promise. :)