Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Secret Life of Bees Chapters 5 & 6 Extra Credit

Here is more extra credit! You can choose to do one of two hands-on/crafty activites:
Choice 1 - Create a hat that identifies you (like the Daughters of Mary hats described on pg 106. The guys can do this, too! Just use a baseball cap).
Choice 2 - Make a box which will be like May's "wailing wall" (pg 97). We will call the box our "Crying Crate" and will use it to hold little notes listing our fears, worries, and such. Decorate it using themes from the novel.

Try to use materials you already have. Many of our pledges were to recycle, so why not try to honor that pledge with this activity!

You can ALSO respond to this post for blog participation points:
To help herself deal with pain, May sings, "Oh, Susana" and writes notes to place in the wailing wall. Now explain how do you deal with pain? Be sure to post your comments in this section, please.

This is due on 2/18 for period 6; 2/19 for periods 1 & 3. HAVE FUN!


Anonymous said...

i think the box would be a great idea. im going to do that one. thanks for aways keeping your class fun! much love
period 6

chrisr said...

I deal with pain by turning my favorite songs all the way up and just singing all the lyrics. I just lett all my emotions take charge. I sing my emotions out of my system. I also like to write lettter which I later rip or burn and throw away. Just getting my ideas, toughts and feeling down on paper gives me a sense of relief, but once I throw them away I don't look back and juts move on with my life.
Christian Reyes
I Can't believe u!!!!

C-Rod said...

Christian ~ What did I do now that you cannot believe. Was I volcano hot sauce??? Please tell me you still love me! haha!

I deal with pain kind of the same way you do. Exercising does it for me, too!

Well, love you!

C-Rod said...


Thanks! I look forward to seeing your box.

john said...

I deal with my pain by getting my ipod and putting some high music. That lets me pass the time and then just let the bad time leave.

john arteaga

Johana Phelps 29 said...

I usally deal with pain by eating lots of chocolate, crying my eyes out and i usually punch my pillow to let all my emotions out. I lock my self in my room and cry, until I fall asleep. Some times i write a very long text message about what am feeling and send it to my self and then delete it.I usually let out my emotions when am alone, I don't like to show my pain in front of people

Diana :D said...

I deal with pain in many ways. One is by crying it out. love to cry. It feels like all the bad things are coming out through my tears. I also like to talk to people especially my best friend Johana who is in your 6th period by the way about my boyfriend. Or I talk to my boyfriend about everything and he helps me calm down. Another way I deal with pain is by swimming. Swimming is the only place where i can swim and think. Just clear my mind and think about what happened. I usually just like to lay down in my room and think that helps me alot, along with crying a little. lol

Period 3

Ara93 said...

I would deal with my pain by going to my room and crying to let all my emotions out and I kind of feel better after it . Also I'll stay in my room hearing music. When I'm in pain i really don't show it.

Araceli P.1

Diana :D said...

By the way is the box we turned in are we suppose to bring it in tomorrow to class?


michelle mercado said...

Hi mrs. for the project in choice #1 we just put stuff on the hat that describes us or decorate it with my name on it??


C-Rod said...

Diana, I posted the due date with the extra credit. Check it out.

I remember when I was swimming quite a bit, and I do remember that being a catharsis for me. It's true - it was just me and the water. When I was sad and swam, it was like a baptism, a cleansing of my soul!

SMILE! See you in class tomorrow :o)

C-Rod said...

Michele ~ Decorate it up with fun or dainty stuff. Just a name will not cut it.


C-Rod said...


Thanks for returning to class the other day....

See ya tomorrow. Plan on getting an ear full, along with William!

jonathan l said...

Pain is something we learn to deal with and overcome. I usually try my best not to show any pain by covering it up. But one way I deal with pain is by doing things that will help calm me down. For example, I would listen to music or take a long walk outside to clear my mind. Also when I'm in pain, I like to take my mind off it and not let it get to me.
-jonathan l.
per. 6

Anonymous said...

When im sad- for certain reason like death in the family- i try to think to all the positive things and how sometimes we have to let go. And even though the pain really never leaves only time it self lets it heals. Thinking about the happy momments makes everything flow a little more easier. If i need to cry i cry and let all out at once.
If i need the feeling to yell - well i try not to yell so loud but yea i let it out. :)

period 3

Jame said...
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Jame said...
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Jame said...

we are always going to have to deal with pain and the way i do it is by thinking of the good things and try to forget the bad things.


Anonymous said...

Wow I like both extra credit ideas. I'm going to do the box one(:

All of us have to deal with pain at one point or the other. We all have many forms of how to deal with this pain. I listen to slow music which even though alot of them are sad, it helps me relax. I also dance to distract my mind from the pain. Even if it can be disrespectful especially during a death, I still do it because it just helps me deal alot better with pain. Sometimes having a good cry is good for me to. I can release alot of energy while crying which gets rid of my pain. Lastly, I try to think positive. For example, like Ibis stated, during a death we have to learn to think positive. Even though we never really let go, we have to think that everyone has a time in this world and well we can't expect a loved one to stay here suffering, it's selfish. Those are my ways of dealing with pain, what are yours?

Period 1

Fanny said...

I deal with pain in numerous ways. If I'm not blasting my ears off with my i-pod I would think in a positive way so that I will be able to forget the pain. For example I would thank the Lord for having a loving family and friends because it always out weighs the sadness. And I tell myself what doesn't kill me makes me stonger because the pain will only last forever if you let it take over. Love is a greater emotion than pain and I wouldn't want my familiy or friends to be hurt for the reason that I am unable to cope with pain. This detail helps me deal with pain.


angel said...

To deal with pain I normally write it down on paper or draw pictures expressing my emotions. I also jog or release my pain through fighting games and I just enjoy seeing the blood of the characterss splash all over the screen. I don't enjoy seeing it in reality but arguring with my little brother that normally helps me alot with stress as well.

Love you lots mrs.
This is angel reporting and signing out.

angel said...

Sorry forgot to mention my period which is 1st period


C-Rod said...

Move over Paxil, hello iPod! Who needs anti-depression medicine when you have an iPod. Shhhhhhh, we better not let Apple know iPods cure mental anguish and heartache, or they may start charging more! NOOOOOOOO!

Smile, all! See you tomorrow!

C-Rod said...

Angel - Picking on a younger sibling to get over pain???? Oooooh, just wait till that boy gets bigger - he will seek revenge! haha!

C-Rod said...

There is nothing like a hug from my children, hubby, mom or my students to make me forget about my pain. That is the God's honest truth!

What also helps me deal with pain is to remember that "attitude of gratitude" chain. Life is great despite the nuttiness! We are the ones who tend to make life crazier than it needs to be!

We should read, "Don't sweat the small stuff."

ara ^_^ said...

i deal with pain by listening to one of my favorite bands, silverstein. i just lay on my bed, turn up the music loud and just sing alot to the lyrics. by singing i feel like my anger and sadness and all the pain is going away. i feel so relieved after and better with myself.
another way i deal with pain is by just going out and taking a long walk. i let all my thoughts out and after i feel relaxed.

Angela_Fantasy said...

My way of dealing with pain is a rather unique way as i see all the responses posted here. I would go to my mom to deal with pain, now i don't go to her to yell or argue but to sit and talk and get her advise. Me and my mom we are very close and i could talk to her about anything, i could express myself as is she was the inner me. Sometimes i do go to my room and sit on my bed with my sketch book on my lap and my itouch on my hand listening to music but i would always go to my mother first no matter what. =)

Im thinking of doing the box as well not quite sure yet thou, anyways have a good night and see you in class Mrs.Rodrigez

-Elizabeth P.1
P.S.-since the bumper sticker due date has been moved to friday the 13th then Im going to add more stuff to it to make it really creative =D

Anonymous said...

when i feel pain, or hurt i listen to to music and dance. it is my getaway from all my worries and problems. i pick ou a song i really like and make a dance to it.

jeanette p-1

Kaitlynn (^o^) said...

I deal with pain by thinking of something funny or happy. I'm not going to think about the problem because that's just stupid. you want to be happy not sad. Unless the problem is in front of you then yeah, you can't be happy....

C-Rod said...


Everyone, nice work! I like your idea, Kaitlynn, think of something funny to deal with pain :o)


Anonymous said...

i deal with pain in a few ways. i like expressing my feelings in a very musical way. therefore, i jot down what i'm feeling, and turn it into a song or piano. if not, i sing or play the piano, usually playing a song that is based on what i'm feeling, or a song that will raise my spirit.

Anonymous said...

woops, j. mendez, period 1

Blanca (: said...


In life people tend to deal with a a lot of pain either surrounding them or the person themselves. In my case i deal with pain in two ways depending on what it is. If its a silly little thing that maybe is big to me i will talk to a friend that i trust a lot, because i know that they will give me advice and help me. If it has to do with a death i cry because i believe that it helps you let go of all the tension and sadness you have inside and after a while you will feel better. And the last way i deal with pain is by writting in a journal and expressing my self and a little bit of food won't hurt(:

luis said...
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luis said...

I deal with pain by usually by listening to my favorites songs in my iPod.Or sometimes I just try to focus on other things like youtube videos that make me laught.If this dosen't work than I just try to take a napped for about two hours until I feel better about the situation.


Johana Phelps 29 said...

awwwww i love you diana!!!!!!!!

ana15 said...

When in pain,i would talk to my parents and think of positive and exciting things coming, to forget of that certain thing. After just move on.

Period: 1

Anonymous said...
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ana15 said...

Hey Mrs. Rodriguez, i have a question for the vocab words for the graphics could we print out a picture or draw it?


Anonymous said...

Pain can be an emotion of intense rage, distress, or even annoyance… To overcome pain, I simply take a few deep breaths, and relax. I block everything out and meditate while telling myself that everything will turn out ok; that really helps me. It’s hard for me to show emotions, so other times, I listen to music (rock of course love Metallica :D)

Anonymous said...


I have a question about the box "/ can we use a shoe box, a tissue box or do we have to create the box as well?? OKIE


Anonymous said...

The way I deal with pain is by hearig rock songs and trying to fall asleep. It makes me get over the pain quick,faster and seems like the situation is closer to ending. Another way, is if I write all the feelings down in a piece of paper and I love to draw characters that represent my emotions and the situation. Once I've let out all those feelings out in to that one paper and then rip it into pieces that contains that horrible pain and I left it fly away into the world.

Anonymous said...

The way I deal with pain is by hearig rock songs and trying to fall asleep. It makes me get over the pain quick,faster and seems like the situation is closer to ending. Another way, is if I write all the feelings down in a piece of paper and I love to draw characters that represent my emotions and the situation. Once I've let out all those feelings out in to that one paper and then rip it into pieces that contains that horrible pain and I left it fly away into the world.


Anonymous said...

When addressing pain it may be physical, for example an injury due to playing a sport or an accident, but on the other hand the pain could also be due to an emotional wound, this could be when someone harms your feelings by saying something hurtful. To deal with pain, emotional pain, I tend to keep things to myself and take them to a quiet place. This could be a room, where I could cry and no one hear me or I would write my emotions on a piece of paper. Another thing that helps me to deal with pain is running (not exercising, but just running), it aids me because I focus on what I’m doing, this just makes it easier to put my thoughts together and allow wounds to heal! :)

C-Rod said...


For the vocab words, you can do the art by hand or get it from the Internet.

For the box, use any one you choose. A shoe, tissue, or any other box will suffice!


Anonymous said...

I let out my pain by listening to hard rap music and putting it up on full blast so my anger and pain could flow with it I also end up writing quotes that express how I'm feelng but that someone could relate too in life.

Naomi Rivas
Period 1

Anonymous said...

i deal with pain by going to a park close to my house. i sit on the bench and listen to all kinds of music. i try not to cry but if i do i just let it all out and try to get it out of my system. i also look at the sky. that kinda clams me down. this helps me alot because i can relax listin to my favorite songs and look at the beatiful sky. and feel the fresh air around me

period 6

Regina said...

Regina Fleming
Period 6

I deal with pain by doing a variety of things. Sometimes I clean up to distract me from doing something that I'm going to regret doing. I also work out which helps alot because it makes me feel like all the stress and pain comes out of my pores some how. And lastly sometimes I write on a piece of paper what bothers me or stresses me out and when I'm done i burn the piece of paper down the toilet. My mom tells me its like letting go of a burden because once you burn the paper you no longer have to worry! :)

priscilla said...

priscilla period 3

I deal with pain my listening to music to let out my emotions and just cry. I sometimes just call my bestfriends and they help me out. When am in a lot of pain i write poems based on how am feeling. I also try talking to my parents. Well everybody deals with pains so i sometimes just leave it all behind and move on.

Anonymous said...

For many people they deal with pain in many ways, but for me the number one way to deal with pain is to listen to music with powerful meanings behind it. A big part that helps me realease the pain is by crying. Oh boy can I cry! I believe that a good thing to do is to take a day at least and take it to mourn over whatever situation im going through. I cry and eat ice cream and think everything through, then the following day I'm ready to continue on with my life. If I still feel pain over something I talk it out with a close friend or family member. There is always someoen that is willing to give a helping hand.

Per 1

maya said...

May helps herself deal with pain by singing, "Oh, Susana" and writes notes to place in the wailing wall. I deal with pain in a very different way. Usually people deal with pain by listening to music, or walking, and even singing like May; but not me. I deal with pain in a way that some people find it senseless; I stare at the dark sky at night and try to count as many star as I can see. I also try to talk to them, because I know they will listen to my complains and will not judge me because the are always watching me and they know what I am going through. This makes me feel like if someone understands me and like if I am not alone in any situation. Finally, tears always have to come out when the emotions don’t fit inside my chest for much longer, but truly I prefer crying secretly than letting others know I am not strong enough to hold me feelings in; so I cry in the shower, where the water cleans the tear off me face.

Period # 1

Aileen said...

Dealing with pain isn't as easy as it sounds. Now how do I have a smile on my face knowing that there's a knife hanging from my back and yet STILL feel good? Well I just cry when I'm alone. I spill all the pain I have in me. Although my eyes would end up completely bloodshot resembling that of a crack addict, I'll at least feel at ease. If that doesn't work out, then I would just sing obnoxiously loud to Radiohead while leaking every bit of emotions on to my drawing.
It's always good to crack the high pitch notes while singing Idioteque. :}


pablo said...

Pain? We'll when i am in pain "emotionally" i talk to my friends about it or i listen to my favorite songs.When i am in "physical" pain i just take medicine XD. Thats how i fix my problems.

period 1, See you tomorrow!

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