Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Secret Life of Bees Project Clarification

All projects have to be typed 12-point font. It can be any type of font, but it cannot be larger than 12 points, and it CANNOT be bold-faced or italicized. In addition, you are only allowed one-inch margins on all sides. You CAN decorate it up, add your creative flair, and make it POP!  See your class's project due date to the left.

1. Write a diary of one of the characters. Tell his/her secret thoughts, motivations,history, ideas for the future, and thoughts about others. For example, write Deborah’s diary explaining what really happened the day she died. (4 entries, one page each, double-spaced)

2. Summarize one chapter of the novel in poem or song form. (a minimum of 25 lines for the poem; and the song must have one chorus 5 lines long, and 4 verses that are 5 lines long each)

3. Pretend you are one of the characters. It’s 2O years from the end of the novel. From a character's point of view, write a letter to another character in the book about what you’ve been doing with your life. For example, does Lily ever see her father again? (There will be two letters. One is from the character to another character, while the other letter is a response. Each letter must be one-page single-spaced).

4. Write a series of letters between any two characters (This is different from the number 3. These letters are about events in the novel, not 20 years later. This is four letters, two from each character, that are double-spaced and one page long.)

5. Write a letter to the author aboutwhat you think about the book. You will mail or email the letter after I read it. (Your letter must be one page single-spaced, be in letter format, including a return and the recipient's address, a greeting, a closing, and four specific references to the novel. You not only have to bring me a hard copy for this one, you must also email it to me at cnoel14@gmail.com)

6. Write a sequel (or the next chapter) to the novel. (Four pages double-spaced minimum).

7. August lived in Richmond, Virginia during the 192Os and 1930s. Research Richmond during these times and then write a story from her persepective about what she did before she got to Tiburon, or how she came to be a beekeeper. (2 pages single-spaced or four pages double-spaced minimum).

Notice there is no more #8.

Your rubric will be as follows: 20 points - relevance to the novel; 10 points - adherence to the rules of the project; 10 points - creativity and neatness; 10 points - submitted on time

DO NOT BRING ME YOUR WORK ON A JUMP DRIVE OR EMAIL ME AND ASK ME TO PRINT IT THE MORNING IT IS DUE. If you do not have a printer, you can print it out the day(s) before during lunch. Be warned that I cannot guarantee that I will have ink in my printer. Currently, I am out, but I will try and buy more. Please make arrangements EARLY. You lose an automatic 10 points for late work (even a minute). Even if you are absent, you need to get your project here on the day/time it is due... I am sorry, but I am just prepping you for the demands of doing a research project. YOU CAN DO IT, GUYS, I KNOW IT! Start now and you will do GREAT!


Richard p.3 said...

Chapter 10, paragraph 12 , 4th sentence

"We walked along the river with the words streaming behind us like ribbons in the night."

The author is using connotation

Anonymous said...

Isn't Thursday odd and Friday even?

Esther Period 1

♥Vivi♥ said...

Vilmaris Gonzalez
period 1

hey miss this is chapter 9 & 10 extra credit.

HYPERBOLE - "When we had watered all the hives of tiburon and sprinkled enough sugar to cause a human being to gain fifty pounds, we drove home hot, hungry, and nearly drowned in our own sweat."

page 167 chapter 9 Last paragrapgh.

C-Rod said...

Thanks, Esther, for keeping me on point. I changed it. Ugh!

RICHARD - This goes under the Extra Credit post for Chapters 9 & 10.


C-Rod said...

Vilmaris, Please post your extra credit under the right post. It is the one with chapters 9 & 10.


Angela_Fantasy said...

Mrs. Rodriguez I was not in class last time we met so i just wanted to make sure for ODD its due on 2/20/09 or next week which will be 2/26/09
just wanted to make sure and my absence is excused i had a terrible doctors day.
hope to get a response soon
and thank you

Angela_Fantasy said...

Mrs.Rodriguez another question if i were to do the project for 1. then can i write Lily's Diary, i have really great ideas for her. I see nothing that says you cant but just in case i wanted to make sure.
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

No Problem(:

Anonymous said...

Hi(: Tuesday is February 24th not 26th. (: And I'm confused about the projects. When is 1st period due?

Esther period 1

Diana :D said...

is our project due monday?


C-Rod said...

ANgela Fantasy (I assume it is Elizabeth from 1st per) - What you are doing is FINE.

And yes, Diana, the project is due on Monday.

luis said...

Ms.Rodriguez can I pick this quote from Pablo Picasso.

"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth."

Luis Molina

explocion200 said...

omg ms i fail at life :( but ill try not to fail ur class hahahahahaha well miss just stopping by to let u kno that i did look at the blog and i read about the topic and this thingy we need to turn in i know we were supposed to select a topic but i was not able to because i have not read the hole book yet