Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye!

We're celebrating Shakespeare on April 23rd! During class that day, we will have our "Ye Olde Renaissance Faire." In preparation for our celebration, you will need to select a committee. I am asking that you look at the categories below, ponder on them, and choose one based on your abilities, interests, and schedule.

We will need Fortune Tellers, Bards & Actors, Musicians, Craft and Game Supervisors, Food Folks, a Decorations/Banner Crew, and a Shakespeare History table.

Check out the sites below for some help:

Wear your toga in honor of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar! Below are sites to help you form your toga Remember, you have to wear your uniform under your toga, no exceptions :o)


Anonymous said...

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

William Shakespeare (Hamlet)
said by Gertrude.

Kristy Valdes
((((: ily miss!

Anonymous said...

Ello :) When we know what position we want, do we post it here?

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot:
Period 1

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Kristy, good job. I won't know if you won until I check my email. I need to see who submitted it first.

Yannel - I will ask in class, so no worries :oP

angel said...

Mrs. i want to be part of the decoration and banner making crew
:) lets rock this celecbration love ya mrs.

Anonymous said...

Im exited for this activity but the whole peotry book project is getting me nervous =(

Anonymous said...

I can't wait til this celebration. I'm excited about being a fortune teller. I wonder what the whole "fish" thing is about lol. I'm dissapointed about the poem book, it's due on my birthday ): Haha! But I'll live =P

Period 1

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Don't get nervous about the poetry portfolio. You (and many other students) have to embrace these opportunities and see these challenges as real learning. You can do it.

If I know you, you will have it done a week before your bday, so you will be fine. hahaha! The fish thing was around when I was in elementary school (the mid 70's, Yikes!), and I cannot believe I found it again as an adult.


Anonymous said...

You know me very well (: I'm having a sleep over for two weekends with Janette, Karina, and Dayanne to work on the poem book (: Hope your weekend was awesome and that you got some rest and sometime with your family.


Period 1

maite said...

Hope you are having a great weekend Mrs., well i was stopping by to ask you a quick question about the poetry book. I am attempting to write a sonnet and so far so good, but i was wondering if when you write a comma it counts as a syllabel.

thank you
maite p.1

maite said...

ooops, sorry mrs. that was a stupid question, of course it doesnt.

thanks anyways.

Ashley.A said...

i cant wait for dis partaaay!!!!
were going to have so much fun miss!!!...=D

Ashley A.
Period 6

Shorty15 said...
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Shorty15 said...

Hey Miss! Shakespeare day was awsome!! It was worth coming to school . I had lots of fun , specially decorating the crown .

Have a nice weekend!!☺

Araceli P.1

Stephanie Reyes said...

Hey Crod, this was one of the best days ever I had in school this year. It was more like a latin renaissance but I wouldn't have had it any other way. These memories are to last forever. The awseome food, the crown and sword making. Thanks 4 everything, save pennies so we could do it again in your next class, you'll be seeing all of us very soon.