Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pinwheels for Peace

Thanks to Mr. Binder, our trust counselor, for gathering all of us to show that peace reigns at HGHS. Now, lets take that out into our homes and community! Many of you wrote amazing haikus! I am so impressed with your talent, enthusiasm, and kindness! Keep up the good work!

A special thanks to Mrs. Davis for arranging for Mr. Louis Schneider, a Holocaust survivor, to come and speak to the tenth graders. This week our classes have been reading Night, which recounts Elie Wiesel's ordeal in Auschwitz. All of these wonderful activities have made this week a vital learning experience to remember! I hope my students will always use this experience as a guide for how to be instruments of peace throughout their lives!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Pinwheels for Peace


Richard p.3 said...
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Richard p.3 said...

Mrs. Rodriguez our instruments of peace are being blown to the ground by wind. Does that mean we're losing peace or is our wind stealing peace from us? If so then it is my belief that mother nature is trying to morally rape peace from humanity.

Something to think about.

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Richard, you are a trip! Perhaps we allow peace to fall by not taking more step to secure it. Mother Nature will do her thing; it's our job to remain deeply rooted and strong.

SMILE! Congrats on your VERY EXCELLENT FCAT Writes Score!

Anonymous said...

This was a really fun event, and as far as the whole "mother nature raping peace from humanity" is a pretty interesting topic to bring up and think about ha ha it took up some of my useless time on this late saturday night.>.<

Christopher Gonzalez pr.6

Ashley.A said...

This event was so much fun!...i cant wait until next year wen we all can make it on our own high school!!..=]

Ashley Alfonso
Period 6

chrisr said...

this was fun we didnt do anything else in history

michelle mercado said...

Hey mrs.I did my pinwheel. I drew hearts that represents love to the world. I always drew poeple that spread the love around the earth.


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss!

Well I did a pinwheel for my fifth period and I thought it was the best idea the school's had so far. The peace sign came out kinda retarded though it looked like a football not a circle. But it was cool. I drew a tree, and a rainbow, and hearts, and butterflies on my pinwheel. It came out cute. I have a docotr's appointment so I'm not gonna be in your class today.
-Vanessa Espinola Period 6

MarvinFernandez said...

c-rod we should make pinwheels every year and see how it grows every year

MarvinFernandez said...

and then show off in the newspaper

irma's blog(= said...

Hi Ms. Rodriguez <3
I loved this event(:
and i love pin wheels they're so fun and the way we made the huge peace sign came out amazing (:
i loved it <3
and how certain people wrote things on their pin wheels about peace.
this is a must do again(:

Anonymous said...

this has been the cutest thing we've done.only if we could of had our own grounds to make it on! i took like a million pictures of our beautiful creation! -even though my pin wheel came out ugly is not about how it looks is the meaning behind it!
*spread love stop war!
period 4.

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Hey there! Next year we will do this again on the grounds of our new and VERY BEAUTIFUL SCHOOL! I am glad you enjoyed it! You all did a beautiful job!

Remember, peace makes life easier! SMILE!