Thursday, April 30, 2009


Of my 102 students who took the FCAT Writes, 100 of you passed! That is 98%!!! YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!

I want to give a special shout out to my Regular English Class...100% of you passed! That goes to show that honors or not, success is possible! With hard work, success is the end result! In the history of me teaching tenth grade, this is the FIRST regular class that had a 100% success rate! I AM BEAMING WITH PRIDE!

The state average of passing students was 77%; you all were 98%. The state average of students earning a score of 4 or higher was 60%; you all were 87%. The state's mean score was 3.8; your
mean score was 4.4!!! That's AMAZING! My hat's off to you!

Here are my TOP DOGS:
Level 6 - Heather, Adrian, Michael L., Jessica Mart. (The only four in our school to earn a 6)
Level 5.5 - Yovanni T., Blanca R., Maite, Angel V., Marvin M.,
Level 5 - Fanny, Kassandra, David, Javier, Ivana, Michelle G., Karina, Carel, Jennifer M., Gina, Pablo, Jessica Men., Nelson M., Richard P., Nahobi, Katherine

There were 30 4.5's; and 34 4.0's, which is INCREDIBLE!

Be ready for your rewards and recognition - YOU ALL DESERVE IT!


Anonymous said...

You deserve a very big award too! That's amazing C-rod. 100 out of 102?! You must be super proud. I sure am(: I wish it would've been higher than a 4.0 but hey, it's still good. Thanks for your amazing teaching(:

Period 1

natalie =D said...

I didn't expect to get a high score. Thank you for helping us succeed :D I'm so happy that I have passed :)

Natalie E.
Period 2 & 4

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Esther & Natalie~

I never doubted you ladies for a minute. I gave you the tools and the blueprint; you built the WHOLE house. Congrats, congrats, congrats!


angel said...

Mrs. we only scored so high and concured those records because of a marvolouly enthusiatic mentor and for that you own the world and my hat is removed from thy head for thy fair lady. :)

I did that on pupose love ya mrs.

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Thanks, Angel! You all definitely conquered the FCAT Writes!


Isabel said...

you were amazing through out everything as well. even though i was aiming for higher, at least i passed with a descent score. (:

thank you for everything.
i appreciate all you did.

maite said...

mrs. congrats on that incredible 98%. i am very grateful i had you this year as a teacher.

maite p1

Mabit said...

Congratulations! Is so excited. Thanks for your wonderful teaching, you've been the best english teacher I've had. Thanks to your amazing teaching almost everyone passed. You should be very rpud of yourself.

mabyt. p1

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Isabel, Maite, Mabyt! It has been my pleasure to teach you all!!!!! Congrats on your efforts and success. Now, the reading. haha! SMILE! Love you three!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. C-Rod =) I just wanted to give you my gratitude towards helping all of us in the FCAT. Many students greatly improved their scores, something that you must feel very proud about. Plus, it's a good reason to brag =D Thank you very everything you have done for us this whole year. I think I speak on everyone's behalf when I say that we have learned a lot in your class and it has truly been an unforgettable experience. I am looking forward to your future lessons. Take care and have a great weekend!

Love you!
Period 1

P.S. EGAD Mrs. C-Rod you forgot my birthday! It was over spring break too! Gosh =P
XD just kidding, it's not a big deal =)

ana15 said...

I was very happy with my score!... we all did very good as a class and as a school. Thanks for helping us get that score.

Ana Period:1

moisesruiz said...

sake sake skae!!!!thanks for beiing a great teacher
Moises p.1

Anonymous said...

i wish i wouldve gotten a higher score.
but thanks too your teaching
i passed the test !
i might not show it,
but i think your the best english
teacher ive ever had !
thanks for never giving up on us.

-Jissel. (:

Anonymous said...

thank God i passed :))))

maya said...

Hi Mrs. Rodriguez, I'm so glad to have so a wonderful teacher as you are. I was extremely scared not to past the test, since I was only able to do 3 paragraphs, I thought that the highest score I could get was a 3.5 if I was lucky. Thanks to you, my 3 paragraphs were enough for me to receive a 4.5, and of course, I was shutting for a 6, but I still feel proud for not failing. Mrs. Rodriguez I am not laying when I say that there are not words to express how grateful I feel. Love you, you are the BEST teacher in the entire world, :D
Period # 1

david said...

I got scared because i didnt folow the prompt. Anyway i have a question. what is a ABCDarian?

Meryl. Period 3! said...

Wowwwww. I'm so surprised considering this is our first year and everything you said in class.

This shuts up everyone who makes fun of our school...especially the HatorGators. haha

I'm very proud of everyone and yes, C-Rod, you too. All those crazy days and your stress has completely paid off.

I'm still in shock. I can't wait until we "partyyyy."

iloveyouuuu ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! XD Thank you Mrs. C-Rod =D

Period 1

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

Hello, all! Thanks for all of your wonderful comments! First, we WILL party and celebrate our success! I cannot wait; I am actually working on a date right now. In addition, I KNEW you all would do well because WE ALL WORKED HARD (and some of you even came on Saturdays). I also told you that you did not have to write 5 paragraphs, but you did have to support your argument with ALIVE WORDS, and those that make you SEE, HEAR, SMELL, FEEL, TASTE, you would be fine. Some of you used those persuasive techniques I taught you with ETHOS, PATHOS, KAIROS, etc. Great job. Some of you did not completely address the prompt, but since it was so vague, I guess they just needed to see you could state your opinion and support with some amazing details. I AM SO PROUD! Fabulous job! And, remember, I love you all, too!

David - An ABC Darian has changed over the years. In today's literary circles, it is a poem that's an acrostic poem, but with all of the letters of the alphabet!


michelle said...

to my beautiful mrs.crod !
my score would have not been possible without you !
i know i nag alot about the work but in the end it does really pay off i cant believe i got a 5 ! i owe it to you !

thank you soo much
michelle gomez <3

david said...

by the way thanks for helping me get a 5 on my first FCAT.

ANDRES P#3 said...

We all deserve to celebrate. Thanks Mrs Rodriguez for all your hard work. You never stopped believing in us. Maybe we should take you out to a dinner?

michelle mercado said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Miss!

Well I did a pinwheel for my fifth period and I thought it was the best idea the school's had so far. The peace sign came out kinda retarded though it looked like a football not a circle. But it was cool. I drew a tree, and a rainbow, and hearts, and butterflies on my pinwheel. It came out cute. I have a docotr's appointment so I'm not gonna be in your class today.
-Vanessa Espinola Period 6

VampireGurl said...

Congrats Mrs.R and a million thanks, if it werent for you i doubt i would have passed the fcat and though i wish i would have gotten a higher score i think i managed to do decent enough. By the way both the peace and shakespeare activities that we did were superb.

See ya at school,

Claudia P.

Period. 1

Jame said...

hey miss i'm so happy that i passed and congrats on having the only students who got a 6.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad we all did great in this test. I thought i was going to get a bad scored, but i made it with a 5.0. :)


anthony from p.1 said...

It's cool that 98% of all your students passed. Thanks to you almost every student improved and all of us learned something new.

Anonymous said...

mrs.RODRIGUEZ thank you so much for everything you done for us..especially for putting up with 4th period,through the screaming and hardworking it all came down to be worth it |WE ALL PASSED| and we couldnt of done it with out you!
-first time for everythging:i finally got a 5(:
iloveyou c-rod<333
period 4.
|yea baby "regular class"|
-say what?

Fanny said...

Thank you miss for all your help :D and for always being there for us!!! I only wrote 4 paragraphs on the writing fcat and till now i thought i failed but in the end I scored a level 5!!! Yay!
=] thank you crod

Fanny p.3

Mrs. Rodriguez, the teacher who loves you! said...

To all my wonderful kids who posted! Thanks for all you do! You all did the work, which is why you passed! I am so proud of you all! It was not easy; those prompts sucked! haha!